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Where Would Life Be Without Colour?

Transfer Files - Instructions

Skip these instructions and Transfer Files Now!

Our file transfer page provides an easy way for you to send your project files to Herald Press. We recommend that you Zip (PC) or Stuff (Mac) your files before uploading to ensure file integrity. Before sending your artwork, please read our Designed For Print checklist to review your documents prior to submission:

Designed For Print - Checklist

  • File properly laid out and proofread?
  • File in CMYK format (not RGB)?
  • No .exe or .sea files.
  • File has been Zipped (PC) or Stuffed (Mac)?
  • Have you phoned Herald Press before uploading?
  • File size is less than 50MB.
  • Using Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser?
  • Using a High-Speed Internet connection for faster transfer?

Free File Review*

All customer submitted files are subject to proofing:
Press- ready PDF files are proofed FREE of charge – one time only.
The first PDF file checking is FREE. Subsequent PDF files will be checked at a $25.00/file additional charge. Our responsibility on supplied files consists of checking for missing fonts, determining picture resolution and confirming the proper number of ink colours, that we quoted on, is indeed what has been created. All other file issues are the responsibility of the designer of the layout. If your design has any "bleed" in it - you must design that bleed into your file properly - For a discussion of “bleed” and what it is, please see our blog article about printing bleed.

All Microsoft (IBM) based file formats such as Publisher, Word, Excel, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office, etc are proofed at $35.00/file.

All Mac based file formats such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. are proofed at $25.00/file.

In all cases:
1) If your design calls for "bleed" on any edges, please review our discussion about bleed on our blog before submitting your file.
2) Should there be anything wrong with the file, either the customer can correct the errors themselves and re-submit a new file or instruct us to correct the problems, if we can, at additional cost. Our responsibility for checking the file soley concerns, resolution, registration and confirmation of ink colours. All other aspects of the design are the responsibility of the designer. If there are problems with the file - any problems - and the customer chooses to fix the problem and then re-submits an additional file for proofing, these re-submitted files are charged at $15.00/file for pre-flighting.

To begin, click:
Transfer Files

* We offer one FREE FILE REVIEW per project. Additional file reviews are charged and will be added to the project's final price. Time spent adjusting and editing files is added to your order once it has been submitted.